Praise for The Lincoln Conspiracy



“History as a dangerous, inventive game. Fascinating.” – Martin Cruz Smith, author of “Gorky Park” and the Arkady Renko series.

The Lincoln Conspiracy is a hell of a good read. It’s an exciting thriller full of believable characters and absorbing history, and the end result is a page-turning blend of research and imagination.” – David Liss, author of “A Spectacle of Corruption” and other Benjamin Weaver novels.

Booklist: “A historical puzzle as labyrinthine and grandiose as Scheherazade’s tales…As clever as Sherlock Holmes, as wily as Pendergast in Preston & Child’s series, and wickedly funny on top of it all, the irresistible McFadden is due to return in a sequel – thank goodness!”

GoodReads: “Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic….just a few of the adjectives I can think of to describe this book… You will be rocked by the ending, left begging for more. More about the characters, more about the theories, and most importantly, a desire to learn more about Lincoln.”

MyShelf: “…a wonderfully researched novel. It is a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. If you like your political thrillers with a historical edge, then this is the book for you.”

GoodReads: “This book was filled with a lot of action! I loved it! It was a great read and one of the things that I enjoyed the most while reading this book was the time setting of the story…I highly recommend this book to readers who like action, mystery, suspense & historical fiction. The Lincoln Conspiracy has all of that wrapped up into one book.”

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